ID Discs to Identify Hit-and-Run Drivers

Oh, how I love the cutting edge technology of yore. In the 1930s, a scheme was proposed to identify hit-and-run drives by means of identification discs discharged by their cars as they speed away from the scene of the accident:

Suggested recently by a New Jersey lawyer, this scheme of bringing reckless drivers to justice makes use of a special device on the bumper which ejects small metal disks bearing the car’s license number and name of the driver, so that to learn the name of the culprit the victim needs only pick up a disk. Operation of the device will be automatic whenever a victim is struck.

From the Modern Mechanics Aug 1931 issue at Modern Mechanix blog: Link

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I'd take off my numberplate's, put my mortal enemies name on the disks and drive with a bag over my head. Hours of fun!

Ok, I am being a little silly, I would have to cut holes in the bag so I could breathe.

Cool car too.
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About 15 or so years ago, I read about a similar scheme to help identify what kind of gun was used at a crime scene. Small particles of layered pigments would be added to gunpowder formulations. The layers would create a kind of barcode when viewed edge-on, and could distinguish a large number of different gunpowder sources.

The idea never got off the ground, though. It was vigorously opposed by the gun industry and by [groups seeking to preserve fourth-amendment rights].
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