Prehistoric Whales Had Legs and Tails, Wiggled Hips

Illustration: Mary Parrish / Smithsonian Institution

Mark D. Uhen, a paleontologist from Alabama Museum of Natural History found that prehistoric whales didn't have flukes - they had legs and tails!

After analyzing the fossils for almost three years, Uhen concluded the individual had a tail, but no fluke, and that Georgiacetus wiggled its hips and moved its entire trunk up and down through the water to move forward—a swim stroke whales no longer use.

Link - Thanks Marilyn!

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ESU - actually what you said is natural selection, evolution is the development of traits as a result of natural selection

Anyways the Georgiacetus kinda looks like those creatures from the short lived TV show Surface
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evolution doesn't take into consideration the "long term survival" it is just the surviving reproducing individuals will pass on their traits.

in simple, the traits that you have now, are best suited for the generation before you (your parents generation) since they reproduced.
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