Presidential Election TV Ads

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Living Room Candidate is a site that documents political ads for every presidential election dating back to 1952. This ad is from 1956. Link -Thanks, Brian!

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My Grandma use to tell me she voted for Ike because she felt he was a man of honor being a General and all. Then she would add, "It was the worst decision I ever made!" God, I miss her.
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By what measure are we getting dumber? Far more people per capita can read today than in 1952. We are better at a larger variety math. We are able to understand technology better.

There is far less racism today than in 1952. I am not saying there is no racism, but I am white guy married to a Vietnamese woman, and I see almost no hatred towards us. I don't think the same would be said in 1950.

There are a thousand other ways that people today are better educated, better behaved, more tolerant, more open minded. So please, enlighten me. How are we 'dumber'?
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SAdGirl: That's a biased generalization.

Are you saying that Americans became dumber because the women who ran the family home so efficiently went out to work instead, and are no longer around to help their kids with the homework?
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"Presidential Election TV Ads"

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