Super Lice: Pesticide-Resistant Bugs Took Just 3 - 5 Years to Become Immune

Overuse of antibiotics had given rise to scary antibiotic-resistant microbes, and now, the same thing is happening to head lice:

As school begins, health officials and parents across the country are bracing for this year's bout of what some call "super lice," drug-resistant critters that fend off nearly all pesticides, even as experts say better treatments for the ancient, annoying condition may be waiting in the wings.

Researchers have been warning for years that head lice in the U.S. and around the world are developing immunity to the strong insecticides used in over-the-counter and prescription shampoos. It takes just three to five years for the bugs to adapt to a new product, despite claims to the contrary by the manufacturers, noted Shirley C. Gordon, an associate professor at Florida Atlantic University who studies persistent head lice.

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You know I found a product called wondercide that works miracles on head lice. REALLY! We had a bad breakout with those nasty creatures in Texas this year, and my little girl came home from school covered in them. Ewwww I was so grossed out!
I found wondercide after looking for non toxic treatments and I'm not kidding man, this stuff really works. Just two doses of spraying it on her noggin' and those things were toast. And best thing is that is even works on other bugs too! I can't wait to try it out on the next roach I see!
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Has anyone tried Cetaphil facial cleanser? This stuff is supposedly the same as the "nuvo lotion" treatments that cost big bucks. Tried it on my daughter last fall and it worked wonders! (apply liberally to the hair, blow dry, then wash out the next morning) Also had good results with "Lice Freee!", totally herbal based, no pesticides. Believe me, I wished I had known about these products back in the fall of 2006, I could have saved a year of headaches with all the other useless stuff on the market.
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My 11 year old son has hair nearly to his arse and has only had nits once. They were easy enough to deal with - long hair doesn't automatically attract the little sods, but it can make it harder to find them.
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