I Survived the Large Hadron Collider T-Shirt

So, the scientists at CERN flipped on the Large Hadron Collider and life as we know it didn't end (yet). So to celebrate our continued existence, here's the "I Survived the Large Hadron Collider" T-Shirt on Neatorama's Online Shop: http://shop.neatorama.com/product-info.php?i-survived-the-large-hadron-collider-t-shirt-pid104.html - on sale for $9.95

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Thanks, nate. Your acknowledgement makes all the effort worthwhile. You don't know how many pictures of alien breasts I had to google through to get that info for you.
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October the 21st? Oh good, if anything bad does happen, least I would've had my birthday.

You better ship to the UK, 'cause I'm so requesting a tshirt for my birthday :D
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Actually, none of you can remember it, because of the fracture in the space-time continuum caused by the LHC, but we used to have four nipples, and now we only have 2.
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