The REAL Man Trap

How well do you know your animal traps? Our pal Rob H. of What is it? Blog has a neat featurette: a quiz of 28 of the strangest and most gruesome-looking animal traps.

This one above is the man trap:

A man trap, it was used by a wealthy land owner in England to catch poachers. It takes a key to open the jaws and they can't be pried apart. It was designed so as not to break the leg, a small consolation since the victim probably paid with his life.

The stick was used as a trigger, it kept the jaws open and when stepped on, the trap was sprung.

Check out the entire list here: Link

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if anyone has one of these old traps, or indeed any other old animal or bird traps that they wish to move on or sell leave a message and i will get back to you.. i actually collect these gruesome bygones...and i do mean collect, their days of use are fortunately long gone and outlawed!!
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*shudders* I found an old rusty trap on our property when I was a kid. Turns out a survivalist "friend" of ours put them out to catch himself some dinner, and didn't think to tell us.

I found several of them around our favorite swimming hole and promptly reported it to Mom. Thankfully, none of us found them the hard way. But for years afterward, we'd find one of them rusting somewhere on the property. It was tragic to hear something get caught in one of those...

Oh, and our "friend" was not very welcome after that.

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"The REAL Man Trap"

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