The Ultimate Guide to Banksy

Web Urbanist blog did a really neat (and thorough!) job exploring the artwork of the world's most infamous - and mysterous - graffiti artist, Banksy:

And although the pseudonym and the signature style of the artist are well known, there’s not much else that we know for sure about Banksy. A few tidbits of information are widely accepted: he is from Bristol, UK, and got involved in graffiti art sometime in the early 90s. He began to gain widespread notoriety around 2003. He was born in or around 1974 and sports a silver tooth. He is, according to the few people who have met him as Banksy, an unassuming and typical-looking man.

His refusal to be interviewed in person or even to reveal his real name has added to his mystique over the years. In the UK (and, increasingly, in other parts of the world) Banksy-spotters claim to know the artist’s real identity on a fairly regular basis. Although he’s been caught on CCTV a few times, he is clever enough to keep his identity a mystery.

Link - Thanks Kurt!

(Photo: Noisehead [Flickr])

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He's doing a great work all-round.
I like the "apparent simplicity" of his work.
And a good marketing campaign is a must nowadays.

Best regards,

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I think Banksy's identity was pretty convincingly revealed once and for all by the Daily Mail:
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Yeah, how conflicted is that?

Of course, it gives a small group of mediocre people the opportunity to feel like they're part of some precious clique - "I know who Banksy REALLY is..."

Helping his audience feel self-important is part of his popularity.
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Not wanting your identity known but your work to be liked tends to be a recurent theme with Graffiti artists, given the fact that it is actually a crime, this shouldn't surprise.
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