Rotator Bath

What do you get when you cross a bathtub and a urinal? Whatever it is, it probably looks like this: the Rotator Bath, a luxury bath concept by designer Ron Arad and Italian bathtub manufacturer Teuco:

The elegant sculptural form serves two purposes, it could either be used as a shower, or it could be rotated 180 degrees to form a bathtub against the wall.

Link (Photo: Wallpaper Magazine)

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@ Larfin Jackarse

Hmm... I really don't buy into either school of supposed thought.

If a thing works it tends not to need redesigning like say ... the bath or indeed the shower.

It occupies significvantly more space, works less well and costs about a thousand times more.

It fails as design by the definitions of design whewn I was aty art school, and it certainly is not "Art".

Art is only accepted from design when it catches on in a big way , then all the pricks line up to heap plauditys on shite like Starks bloody useless lemon squeezer.

The thing about design is that it has bwecome such a field for popstars that there is effectively no design anymore.

You get the same old thing, but with a "Jazzy" colour or "Crazy" feature added on ...WHICH DOES NOTHING.

This is not design, this is "STYLING".

And that is just rubbish.

So basically the Arad roto-bath-shower is a pointless exercise in wankery to see who has more money than sense.

pardon my typos.
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@Kingsley: Click the link to see the pics. In tub mode, the bowl is at bottom; in shower mode, it's at top. Looks about pi radians to me. But I think that you were thinking as I did before the jump: it's a shower in upright position, and it's a tub when lowered to the floor. There's your 90 deg.

In anycase, any middle class apartment has a tub-shower combo that doesn't require reconfiguration between modes. Zero energy use to go from tub to shower or vv. Doesn't that make them superior in design?
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