Pizza Scissors

Want a perfectly proportioned slice of pizza every time? Here's the gadget for you: pizza scissors!

These pizza scissors cut through pizza without scratching the pan underneath it, and also serve as a serving spatula to get the pizza slice onto plates without spilling. The parts separate for easy dishwashing (in the dishwasher is fine).

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Having just taken a big DUMP on the rotating Shower bath entity 6 items up scroll, I come to these with a genuine thrill.

It's a good idea.

Not a great idea, abnd not one that I think should catch on in the domestic kitchen, but it would be worth seeing how a catering version would fair.

Not sying it would be a big win or a popular with the public, but if you could cut exactly even slices from a pie that was to be sold by slice would that be useful?

Also if you could rotate the platform section from a pivot at the front of the bottom blade then you could govern slice size.

I think it is a good idea that no doubt by Sunday some one here will have found the blueprints for from it's first airing in 1899.

You clever people.

It's got a lot more to recommend it than that bloody awful shower.
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Yup, once again we have evidence that it's worth a try (to somebody selling shtuff) to market any "product" that comes to mind. Someone is going to buy it.

I use Alton Brown's "unitasker" guideline: unitasker bad. Even the pizza wheel does more than cut pizzas; you can cut brownies, too. The garlic press can also press chocolate chunks into bits.

And scratch the darn pan. What is it, Tiffany & Co. silver? You know, Walmart sells anodized aluminum pizza pans -- cheap if not scratch resistant.
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