Unmentionables Card: Cute but Mean

Tired of all the sugary Hallmark cards? Well, here's something for you: Unmentionables from Luis Medina and Kathleen Orazio of Shinebox Print,
a pre-printed mini booklet of cards with cute monsters that say things you're thinking of, but are too polite to say out loud.

http://www.shineboxprint.com/products/ready/unm/ - via The Urban Recluse

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hey taylor-- there's an easy solution to your screaming child problem.. stop going to wal-mart. you may argue, then, that screaming kids are unavoidable and wal-mart is just one place they exist. but at least in other department stores they have the decency to say "thank-you" after they throw a rolling fit on the ground. wal-mart deletes any value people (kids) have in life because everything is readily cheap and accessible. but anyway.. this is not a post about wal-mart.

the teenager in me wants to like these cards because i was a passive-aggressive little bitch. but after going to college and learning (experiencing) that being passive-aggressive is much more harmful than funny, i can't allow myself to like these cards. they're cute and silly, don't get me wrong. but we adults who are beginning to raise children and becoming responsible ourselves are taking cute little harmless things like this and making them OK. ("it's a card! let it go! what harm can it do? just shut up already!") i know, i know. but the language used is negative. when you associate negative language with humor, humor becomes negative and people think it's OK because "it was just a joke!" sure. teach your children that being a little bitch to people "because it's funny" is a good way to make other little bitchy friends. then they grow up bitchy. and then they make cards and t-shirts and bumper stickers and transform their entire language because "it's just a joke." but whatever. i don't have to buy it, and neither do you guys. but of course, it's entirely up to you.
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Loved "your screaming kids aren't cute!" You see this at Walmart all the time. Kids SCREAMING their heads off and Mom just looking at all the different shampoos. I swear they have screaming kids on their payroll because there's always at least one in the store at all times.
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