Zoom into Steel

This is awesome: Dailymotion user Weird_Weird_Science has uploaded some of the most entertaining science-y video clips I've ever watched. This one is "Zoom into Steel," where the narrator describes what's happening with the composition of steel with ever increasing magnification.

Hit play or go to Link [DailyMotion] - Don't miss Zoom Into Concrete, Hair, Brass and so on - via reddit

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This video is pretty inaccurate... Carbon adds nothing to corrosion resistance, it's all about the oxide phase you form on the surface. The formations you see as the microscope zooms in are not dendrites, they're a fracture surface. And the feature that they zoom into might or might not be pearlite, there's not way to know without either etching the surface with acid or jacking the contrast up so high in the microscope that you can see the difference in atomic weight of the two phases. Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but I'm a Metallurgist, this is what I do for a living...
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And you still havn't.. this was animation as well.
the only real way to "see" them is indirect, with an electron microscope, which calculates where an atom should be by looking at how an electron fired at the sample changes it path due to the attraction to the atom, and then builds an image from that information.
classic example: http://www.fourmilab.ch/autofile/www/section2_84_14.html


but nice vid, pretty educational, too bad they faked atoms
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