Movie Family Paintings

Kirk Demarais from Arkansas has created a series of lovely paintings of notable movie families as his contribution to this year's Crazy 4 Cult art show.

Link - via kottke

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Ah, an artist who can't stop talking about his work.

Yeah, I know they're supposed to look crappy. I figured you're probably very skilled in drawing, and you were going for a particular effect. I just don't see any value in the drawing, either artistic or monetary.

I'm sure you're capable of much better.
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Hi Neatoramans,

I'm Kirk the Arkansan artist. I've been enjoying watching this project pop up around the web and checking out what folks are saying. I frequent neatorama, so it's extra fun to find it here. Anyway, in the true spirit of the web I thought I'd respond to your comments. (in which I find the strong negative reaction particularly interesting)

ted- to answer your question, they are intended to look funny, or creepy, and especially in the case of the Griswolds, kitschy. If you're referring to technical skill or lack of realism, strong values, etc- yes they're somewhat primitive. That's partially because of my limitations (I haven't used colored pencils in over a decade) and partially because I like that look for these, especially in the case of the Griswolds since it's fitting to the family.

The main thing I wanted to achieve was the concept- what would studio photos of these movie families look like? They might look *sort of* like these. That's the fun/interesting part for me.

Patrick- It's very possible.

matt- I enjoyed checking her stuff out. I wasn't going for big cash, but I am certainly happy that half of them have sold so far. (and they're being made into prints)

keegan- these were created specifically for an art show where artists generate work based on films...

SoLo- that sounds like some fancy art talk to me! :)

Gail- Thanks for the defense! :) In a technical sense, my inexperience did contribute to their appearance to some extent, but I definitely could have made them "better" if I'd chosen to approach them differently. But yeah, it wasn't about that. And in truth, I WAS an amateur colored pencilist before someone bought my work.

The real irony I was going for is just seeing these families looking photo-happy when we all know the misery they're about to endure.

Savage- Seems you're always popping up when I need you!

matt- I assure you this was all about fun and 'making stuff' with no regard for hip. I would have done something totally different if I were trying for hip.

Ah, cousin gypsylor- always standing up for me. I kid!
I'm thrilled that you enjoyed spending time my other site. Thanks for mentioning it.
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whether or not you like his art, you should really check out his web site, I was floored when I saw this picture as he has it under his blog section BUT the web-page is awesome, it's called secret fun spot, and it is way ass cool, and no I'm not him are even related to him, just thought I'd share. check it out though I spent like an hour there looking at all the stuff.
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