Hi! I Made Your iPhone!

When Mac Rumors forum user markm49uk turned on his brand new Apple iPhone 3G, he found a little "surprise": some photos of a factory worker that assembled it!

Looked like someone at the production line was having a bit of fun (they're probably sooo fired!): Link - via Gizmodo

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#1: Someone on the thread questioned if she is underage. Maybe she is also a gymnast and she is really 16.

#2: Are we sure this is for real? It makes for a great viral ad campaign.

#3: If it isn't for real, then I'm betting that she isn't really the girl that works at that workstation. They probably hired a model because the real girl had buck teeth, even though the real girl is a lot better at putting an iPhone together.
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Fired? Why? She didn't take the pictue herself..

It's perhaps the modern counterpart to the rafters in houses where the carpenters sometimes wrote their names (or still does it?).

I agree with Heather and Lasse that it's a good idea. But it doesn't have to be mandatory!
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I certainly hope she wasn't fired because that's actually a pretty neat idea. Pictures from and of the factory would give the consumer a kind of inside look at the making of the super high-tech gadget in their hands. Plus it would be a kind of connecting medium between two countries.
Plus she's so cute!
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