Welcome, Rich White Oligarchs!

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart put up this cheeky billboard to welcome those "rich, white oligarchs" attending the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities! Found at east-lake.net

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Yeah I'm totally rich beyond my wildest dreams. The Daily Communist should be burned to the fucking ground. As for Jon (I think I'm smart and funny) Stewart, he needs to be tossed in a dumpster. That is about what he's worth, in fact that might be too good for him. Maybe at that little Commy rally in Denver there should have been a sign. "Welcome America Hating Socialist Brain Dead Hippies." I think it's really a claim to fame to be able to use television to preach and attempt to brainwash retarded college kids whos brains are too full of bong resin to actually have an intelligent thought. It makes sense, the Daily Communist speaks easily to these pathetic excuses for humans because the show is RAN by the same people. Super deep stuff on that show, very insightful and clever, totally dude. Simple fact is, the only people who actually watch that shit are too stupid to know better and don't matter anyway. So keep on trying to be funny and trying to convince us all that Obama is God and Socialism is the best thing since sliced bread. I can't wait for the day we take a page out your book and pervert the Constitution. I'll be the first one to grab my "gun and religion" and start tossing every last one of you over to France and Cuba.
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The democrats did not have a similar billboard because there wasn't enough room to write "Welcome Rich, White African American, Gay, Lesbian, and Latino oligarchs."
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I do not believe this is racist, it is fact that only 5 minorities have attended the Republican convention. Its satire, take it easy.

To rebuttal Evil Pundit, how are the Democrats the party of racism? Do they not have a African American presidential candidate? Did President Kennedy not play an important part in eliminating segregation in the South?

Republicans are millionaires or suckers.
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