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The Scharzenegger Conspiracy

How did Arnold act so convincingly in all those movies?
That's because he wasn't acting at all!

The secret behind Arnold was one Walter Boyle, a man whose sole
job was to lie to him and convince him that every scenario was actually
happening ...


Termesphere of the Adams House

This is pretty cool: Dick
painted a sphere with a unique "six-point"
perspective techniques that result in a pretty neat optical illusion.

As you watch the video clip, try to imagine that the front half
of the sphere is transparent, and that the mural is painted on the
inside of the sphere - once you do that, the spin will seem to reverse
direction and you'll find yourself inside of the painting.


Exercise Ball Mayhem

Yes, it's silly and pointless, but there's something strangely satisfying
seeing people fool around with those large exercise balls ...


The History of All Your Base Are Belong To Us

If you don't know "All Your Base Are Belong to Us," then
you've probably been living under a rock. But how much do really
you know about it?

Here's a surprisingly enjoyable explanation of the history of this
Internet meme. Link

Wilford Brimley Kitteh Eats Din Din

Oh, shall we end this week's VideoSift pick with something truly
remarkable? Like what, you say? How about this fat cat that looks
amazingly like Wilford Brimley eating dinner.


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I live near Dick Termes' studio... you should see his 'spheres up close and in perosn - THEY ARE AMAZING! We are very lucky to have such an awesome local talent.
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Interested in more 'Termesphere'-related ideas?
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