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Bigfoot, we hardly knew ye!

I realize that the truth hurts sometimes, and believe me, I'm feeling the pain terribly at the moment.

It's my solemn duty to our readers to announce that last week's announcement of scientific proof of the existence of "Bigfoot" was all a carefully planned hoax. The hoaxters even purchased a cheap, full-body gorilla/Bigfoot costume, placed it in a freezer and photographed it as "proof" of Bigfoot's existence.

A nation weeps.

I'd been wondering how a photo of the thing stuffed in a cooler proved anything. At least P.T. Barnum had the decency to put his fakes on display.
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Should've RTFA. They did profit from it, and it was certainly fraud.

I bet those guys are going to feel like they've been buggered by a whole pack of rabid sasquatch before it's all over.
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Biscardi the serpent is now trying to escape by claiming he was fooled--after he TESTIFIED in the press conference that he actually saw the battered corpse! fuvker
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Well, Bigfoot could easily exist, just like the "mythical" lowland gorilla turned out to be fact a hundred years ago.

The fact that they found it in a heavily developed Georgia forest probably should have set off some alarms, and they certainly should have examined the "corpse" before shelling out the money.
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I just LOVE how this has been headline news on for over a week, while John Edwards cheating on his sick wife and fathering a child out of wedlock while running a presidential campaign is 'not news'.
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I used to work with a person who we used to compare to bigfoot. I'd always come out of their office and say, "Don't gimme no sass, squatch." to the delight of my co-worker.

As for this so-called debunking. Why won't they release the surveillance videos? HMMM?
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Carefully planned? Yeah, right, for values of "carefully planned" that involve drinking beer and shooting at mice inside your trailer with a .22.

If it had been even slightly planned, they could have drawn it out for several more weeks. Like the last time.
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