Advanced Beauty

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Advanced Beauty is an ongoing collaboration between programmers, artists, musicians, animators and architects to create audio-reactive ‘video sound sculptures’ using the visual programming language Processing, high-end audio analysis and fluid dynamic simulations alongside intuitive responses in traditional cell animation.

This series of videos is inspired by the concept of synesthesia, the syndrome where a person experiences one sense as another, for example, a synesthete may "hear" or "taste" colors. See more videos from the project at Colour Lovers. Link -Thanks, Jon Jason!

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hey all! so i have synesthesia, a type where when i hear music i see colors. I also see colors when i think of the alphabet, numbers, or days of the week. Just thought i'd tell you that for me, this isn't anything like what i "see" when i hear music. It is pretty though!

I've realized that the colors I see relate to the pitch and overall feel of the music :)
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almost all the videos on there seem to be aesthetically derived from CGI processes...why should anyone's 'synaesthetic' (real or cultural) experience be abstract, polymorphous, 3 dimensional and seemingly a-material? don't sounds have a material progenitor - wood, steel, strings, brass? i know the music is electronica, but there's a pseudo-real typology to the sound pallets being used in most electronica by and large. maybe that's just my foible...
on headphones there's little attention paid to stereo imaging with regards to correlating visual image as well. it all feels a bit presumptuous and software led. pretty though.
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