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World's Heaviest Man Goes on a Trip, Thanks to Forklift and Flatbed Truck

Manuel Uribe, once the world's fattest man, left his home for the first time in five months today, thanks to a forklift and a flatbed truck:

Manuel Uribe traveled to the shore of a lake in northern Mexico without ever leaving his specially designed bed. A forklift hoisted the bed onto the truck, which then hauled him to the lake, where he snacked on fish and vegetables and joked with a local boat operator.

Looking at the boatman's small craft, Uribe joked, "Too bad I can't get on it — it would sink."

Link (Photo: Monica Rueda/AP)

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I got to agree. Manny is great and should inspire.

Tired of people who stereotype large people.
OK, Manny is very large, but he is trying. So let the man be and wish him well.
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Yeah, let's salute his grotesque ability to consume to the point of disability.

I don't think people get mad at him as much as they get mad at people who don't see a problem.
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He used to be 1235 pounds.
I'm not mad at him. I'm amazed that he's still alive.

The picture at the link depicts him like a circus freak in a cage.
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You know, it's nice that some people on here are sympathetic to the human plight or whatever, but DO keep in mind, that guy CHOOSES to eat doritos and live off taxpayers money all day.
You haven't seen sunlight in FIVE MONTHS? Unless you live in that weird part of Alaska where that's a product of the Earths natural orbit and rotation my advice is to get off your butt and do some aerobics or something!
Tell ya what- load up a Jack& Jill Truck, crank up the chimey song that you can hear like, three counties away, and just keep driving it past his house until he can't take it anymore and decides to come out for a delicious ice cream cone or nutty buddy or maybe even one of those chocolate things shaped like Mickey Mouse- anyway when he finally comes out for one we just have the truck drive faster and faster around the block until before he knows it- He's jogging and exercising!
it's win/win/win.

Except for Fatty cuz guess what? No actual ice cream on the truck. Just fresh fruit and trail mix. Maybe salad.
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Hmm, why is he this way, because of eating too much and never exercizing? Or do hormones play a part in it as well?

If someone eats too much and never exercizes, then that is their problem... I dont see why other people need to care and get angry at him for that. And, if it's part hormone problem, then it's horrible that people criticize him, because no matter how much he excersizes, he wont ever manage to lose pounds.
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i really doubt that someone could eat themselves to 1235 lbs. Really, there has to be something wrong with his metabolism. Sure, maybe 700 lbs, but not 1235, it's ridiculous. He's doing a great job in his weight loss.
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"i really doubt that someone could eat themselves to 1235 lbs."

He's not a tree. Apart from the 7-10 lbs he was born with, all the mass in his body went in through his mouth at some point.
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Way to be so smug you totally missed the point, Craig Miller.

The first picture on that link is of children hanging off the former "World's Fattest Man" cage. The link depicts him as a freak.

You don't need glasses; you need an enema.
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@ superbad:
True, but his metabolism could make it so that more of the calories he ingested were turned into fat. What I meant to say was that I don't think he got to this point by eating five bigmacs for breakfast every day. His body just stores the calories he eats mainly in the form of fat cells; his weight isn't caused by overeating alone, though I'm not ruling it out as a factor.
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I once saw a documentary about morbidly obese patients. The doctors said that their weight gain skyrocket after they reach a certain weight point, even though their caloric intake remains the same (albeit very high). Something in the patients' metabolism change after a point ...
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@Alex. That's most likely the reason he's this way. There are people who are obese for many reasons though over-eating and not exercising is the reason most everyone immediately sees and I'm guessing is usually the case. There are countries all over the world that live on fish and other healthy foods that have their share of obese people like us.

I know in my case once I hit puberty my weight just skyrocketed despite minimal intake of food and intense physical activity (soccer, basketball). I played until I got too heavy and my knees and back went out. Sometimes, there's just nothing you can do..especially if it starts when you're a kid. The rest is daily humiliation..and I'm not morbidly obese. I'm really impressed he managed to lose that much weight.
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Sorry I have no sympathy for this guy. What happen to him is his own doing. Sure, maybe it is due to hormone ( eat less and excercise) but he did not even try to do something about it until it get to this stage.
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Wow, Craig Miller. You sure have cheek. Or you just don`t read very carefully. I didn`t call the guy a freak, and the only judging I did here was of your own self-righteous, judgmental comments.

Where do I claim to know everything? I have my opinion, and I gave it. You don't like it - that's your opinion.
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ted - You misinterpreted my original comment and told me I needed an enema. I know what I meant, but I can't be bothered to explain it to you. In closing, nobody wins an argument on the internet. So blow it out your ear.
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Like I said, Craig. You have your own opinion. I'm not trying to argue with you, but you keep coming back with insults.

Sorry to get you so riled up.
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actually on their way to the lake there was an accident and they had to turn back cuz of the blood pressure and low sugar from the scare they got from the incident.
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Manny, you are a great inspiration. YOur drive and determination have touched my heart so much and I am sure God is smiling upon you also.
I have been praying for you to stay encouraged and never give up.
Weight loss is not easy, but you are doing well. It does take time. I pray God contunues to give you peace and patience!
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