Elevator Psychology

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Is there a law somewhere that says we all have to face the same direction in an elevator? Apparently so, since we all obey that law. This old clip from Candid Camera is funny because we all understand it. In real life, the behavior is a little more ambiguous, as seen in the elevators of the London Underground that have doors on both sides of the elevator. http://www.spring.org.uk/2008/08/elevator-psychology-and-london.php

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I got in a crowded elevator the other day. The space was just big enough, but I had to stand facing everyone else with my back to the door. It felt weird.
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In those elevators with the doors on both sides, I usually stand with my back against one of the side walls. Actually, if a one-doored elevator is crowded, I'll stand sideways, too.
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I actually prefer to stand by the side (not back) wall and face into the center of the elevator. Also, I think it's safe to say that's pretty staged although it would be a fun experiment to try :)
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