You Don't Need It

Steve Lambert of The Anti-Advertising Agency started a project to, well, tell people that they really don't
need all that stuff companies are trying to sell. The concept is simple: plaster a sticker saying "you don't need it" on ads to subvert its message.

But let me ask you this: is it subversive/guerilla art or just merely vandalism?

Link - via Sign Hacker

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The advertiser who rented the space probably doesn't care a whit about said sticker. Folks who want their product are going to purchase it anyway. Now the property owner who has to either spend half an hour with a razor blade and goo-gone to remove the sticker (or pay someone to) is probably going to feel otherwise.
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When I look at all the home-made, illegal ads taped, pasted, and stapled to streetlamps and walls, it's a lot worse than billboard advertising.

This sticker is just more garbage.
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It's vandalism. The ad company paid for that space; the little "you don't need it" sticker is a parasite, using the moneys paid by the ad company to give you a message they've not paid for.

Regardless of the truth (or relevance) of the parasitic message, the basic issue here is property rights, not what the ad says. You want to tell people they don't need stuff? Fine. Buy an ad.
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Companies pay people like me to make them look good. Yet I'm all for the people having a voice back to bring reality and dialogue back into the equation. This subtle subversive reality check is fantastic.
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Just because something is a 'crime' doesn't make it wrong, and just because something is 'paid for' doesn't make it right.

To all you people defending the companies 'rights', maybe you should look at what crimes these companies have committed. Sweatshops, false advertising, environmental destruction... I only support the rights of non-criminal enterprises.
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