Styrofoam Dome Homes

A Japanese manufacturer is churning out modular homes made of polystyrene foam. The material is easy to assemble, will not rot or attract insects, and acts as its own insulation. The flame-retardant walls can burn, but do not emit toxic fumes if they do. There are many configurations and sizes to select from. Link -via the Presurfer

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Modular / prefab homes will offer solutions to the world’s housing shortage for the deprived, under-privileged and low income populations in society by providing a total system for basic, low-cost, quality built housing. The modular housing constructed with sandwich panels is the lowest in cost, most rapidly erected, simplest in design, and most structurally sound basic housing in existence today. Plus, you can ship 21 houses in a 40 foot container.
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I like them. The rendering on this example is not so good, and reflects the taste of the owner. Some of the add-ons can make quite presentable designs. Their basic idea is roundness, so I can't see how they can be ugly. A basic dome comes in a grey colour, and probably needs some sun protection coating, but not much more.What is unclear is the flooring. Concrete slabs don't sound so good.
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Ok now I totally have to look up carpenter ants! LOL!
Seriously, the web-site claims they are easily They also claim to mix in antioxidents to the foam so these homes are somehow more healthy to live in...really? How does that work after you coat it with spray on concrete and paint the insides?
Such a wonderful fantastic idea, but many holes in the theory. Like it or not even as temporary building structures, you have the HUGE "Now what?" issue with how to recycle/dispose of a matierial pretty well defined as less than great for the enviorment.

I however would LOVE to see some genius come up with a VIABLE build idea for 10$ per square foot!
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uhh carpenter ants believe it or not do eat polystyrene. I am in construction and have discussed this a numerous amount of times with representatives from companies that produce Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). If those were stuccoed, maybe it wouldn't be bad. But, fire retardant or not, it'll still light up in a matter of seconds.
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