Film Guide Catalogues Movies From a Parallel Universe

Have IMDB and Wikipedia become too mundane and realistic for you? Then look no further than the Parallel Universe Film Guide, a hilarious, Wikipedia-like catalogue of fictional films. From the site's front page:

There are many (many, many) film websites out there in Internetville, U.S.A., so why another one? Because this one is designed to have a little fun with all of those other websites and with the people who take films way too seriously. You will not find any familiar sounding movie titles or actors or directors here because, well, there aren't any. The Parallel Universe Film Guide is a grand parody of film buffdom and film history. Everything here has specific targets in the "real" world and I hope there is enough to amuse any person who drops by even casually to look. But…the more you know about films, the more you will get all the references in this parallel universe and be able to enjoy matching all the elements in my fictional world with those of the so-called real one with which we are sadly all too familiar.

Many film listing pages also contains quotes from the film, made-up actors and directors, and plot summaries. Spend some time plumbing the depths of this site and I doubt you will leave unamused. From the bizarro film titles (e.g. "Fudgie the Whale: The Musical," "How the Jeekelstaf Swiped Daylight Saving Time," "A Connecticut Mailman in Joseph Stalin's Pants," "I Know What You Did That Day Last Week You Took Off For So-Called Religious Reasons,") to the uproarious "About our Staff" page, site-creator Spencer Green has truly demonstrated an incomparable passion for fake films.

Link - via Very Short List

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So it's Uncyclopedia for movies...

And Jimbo -- you're totally right. I read a wikipedia article on prunes the other night that was so disgustingly socialist that I immediately went out and bought a new electric toad de-warter, single-handedly saving capitalism!
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Wikipedia is quickly becoming useless as it is extremely biased. The locked John Edward section when he was caught with his mistress and love child. Other celebs don't have the luxury that left wing politicians have.
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