Here's My Calling-Emailing-AIMing-Twittering Card

During Victorian era, leaving your calling card when visiting a friend or attending a party is the proper etiquette.

Fast forward a couple of hundred years, this quaint practice is coming back into fashion, but instead of "calling" cards, people are handing out their "calling-and-emailing-and-AIMing-andTwittering cards."

For a flagging stationery industry, calling cards--essentially nonbusiness business cards--have brought a welcome dose of energy. Some are teenier than standard business cards, others much bigger, and many come in bright colors that seem anything but stodgy. Among the buyers: playdate-seeking parents eager for a sane way to exchange contact info, retirees who miss having business cards to hand out (Memphis stationer Baylor Stovall calls them "cruise-ship customers") and itinerant young professionals whose cell phones and e-mail addresses are their most reliable locators.

Link - Thanks Michelle Shildkret!

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I think the QRCode thing would get more use if software developers would quite insistently assuming that the only way anyone will ever want to use them is with a cellphone camera, immediately (i.e. not from a previously-taken picture or scanned image), and only for getting addresses of web pages (QRCode can store arbitrary text - it doesn't HAVE to be a URL).
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Melissa - I was faced with the same problem. I don't necessarily want everyone I give my personal email address to to have all my business contact numbers! I do a lot of craft swapping through places like Craftster and Swap-Bot so I made up some really cute cards that look like those "Hello, My name is..." stickers from OvernightPrints.Com that have my screen name, email, blog info, etc. They turned out really cute and I've used them a lot for both online swaps and in just meeting random people.
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I think Moo has helped foster this calling card movement because it's cheap and you can have 100 different calling cards all for the same price. Moo cards are really good quality and so small too. I'm also pro QR code and I'm just shocked that outside of Japan more nerds have not started using them. I'm also more inclined to use a Friendfeed or address on my cards than I am to list all the services I'm found on.
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Calling cards are a great idea. I'm inspired to have some made for myself now. My business cards have my business email and such on them and that's great for business contacts, but it's not the one I want non-store related contacts to use. My Myspace address is my favorite way for personal connections to get in touch with me, but it's not right for my professional contacts.I always end up scribbling my personal info on the back of my business card. Calling cards would be a perfect and elegant solution.
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