Archive for August 3rd, 2008

Haunting Billboards Ask: Who Murdered Me?

Photo: Camilo José VergaraSome billboards in many tough urban areas don't sell products. Instead, passer-bys get to see pictures of smiling men next to a question: "Who Murdered Me?"Camilo José Ve...

DESTRO featuring The Baroness- "Get Money" MUSIC VIDEO

NSFW: Explicit lyrics It's rare to see something so amazing on YouTube. DR. SMOOV's video is a series of meticulously pieced clips of the characters from the GI JOE TV episodes, linked togethe...

Olympic Torches Throughout History

The New York Times has a really neat gallery of the Olympic torches and their histories, from the one used in Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, 1936 to today's Beijing Olympics.Link [Flash] - Thanks karan!...

Total solar eclipse as seen from an aircraft

Let's put our geek hats on and go for a ride in a plane over the Canadian Arctic in order to see Friday's total solar eclipse. These guys know how to check out an eclipse! LiveLeak....


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