How Do You Do?

Photo: Ian Nichols

A team of National Geographic photographers went to the Bioko Island in Equitorial Guinea for two weeks to record the island's diverse (and threatened) wildlife. Along the way, they encountered this friendly chameleon!

Here's a neat photo gallery of the flora and fauna: Link - Thanks Marilyn Terrell!

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"went to the Bioko Island in Equitorial Guinea to record the island’s diverse wildlife"

"Oh no", here we go again.
City folk go wandering off to some God forsaken, unheard of, other side of the globe, strange island to look at animals. Next thing you know, they come back after eating, who knows what hallucinagenic, strange spinach that was probably the only thing out there to eat aside from colorful, cartoon lizards. Next thing you know, they've got some kind of a "Transformer Theory".

Yea, thats how it happens alright. All that Spooky Spinach, and they tell the world that they saw animals that were transforming more than a Saturday morning robot cartoon.

Yea, no kidding, thats why they call them Chameleons.
But that doesn't mean that they transformed into Boy George you know.

Oh I can just see it now. Heaven help us. This lizard even possesses an opposing thumb. Thats it, its all over. The Transformer Lizard is definitely destined to be our new closest cousin.

With opposing thumbs and a smoother tongue that snatches up more bar fly's than even Bill Clinton's. Everyone can say good bye to old cousin Magilla. There's a new dog just rolled into town, and like his twin brother Billy Boy, he's going to fu*k everything within sight of his 360 deg. pooper peepers, all up!

Damn far away islands, there's a reason why God had put cannibals out there in places like that. In case if anyone from the civilized world was crazy enough to go out there, they were'nt supposed to make it back and mess everything all up.
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