Indian Government "Seals" Illegally Constructed Buildings ... with a Bulldozer!

We all hate commuting to work, but Dave Prager of Our Delhi Struggle blog really, really hates his commute. After all, the traffic is murder and the scenery is worse. That's because two years ago, the Indian government decided that a bustling shopping mall was an "illegal construction" that needed to be sealed. And by sealed they meant half-heartedly destroy with a bulldozer ...

Here are some snapshots of Dave's daily commute:

What in India do I hate more than MG Road? Nothing. There is nothing in all of India worse than Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, that ten kilometer stretch of pain upon which I stop-and-go for three hours of my day. MG Road is construction: the Delhi Metro, erecting itself on giant cement pylons, selfishly hogging the center two lanes in the name of urban planning and traffic reduction… what right does a transit system opening in 2010 have to inconvenience me in 2008?

MG Road is also destruction. Once upon a time the road gleamed with shopping malls and furniture stores; but two years ago, the government decided that these were illegal constructions necessary to be sealed. “Sealing” in practice means halfhearted bulldozing — enough to discourage inhabitance while creating the impression that you travel to Gurgaon by way of Beirut.

Link | Another "sealed" building in India - Thanks Dave!

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Seems like a silly idea considering they could've just completely knocked it down and set up a squatters haven. There are enough people in India who need a place to live that isn't a slum.
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Ok, how is this 'neat'. You have just described most major cities.

Don't know about the knocked down building bit, so maybe I miss the point but .... ok, the knocked down building does look neat, like those Chernobyl fodes.
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