Why Do Movie Companies Pull Movie Trailers From YouTube?

Add this to the thing I don't understand: why do film companies pull YouTube videos of their movie trailers?

I mean, if the clip is of the movie itself, then I understand - but movie trailers are teasers to make people want to see the movie. Basically, they are ads - and isn't the more people that see it the better?

I was excited to see a post about the newest in the Terminator series: Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale and directed by McG at our pal Always Watching blog - but the video has been pulled by YouTube (surely at the request of the makers).

Anyway, if you're interested - you can still see the trailer at Yahoo! Movies - (I just hope the movie isn't done shakycam-style ...)

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The real problem with them on YouTube is that they're put up there earlier than they're released elsewhere on the internet. Movie production companies want you to go to I Am Legend to see the new/extended trailer for Batman, etc. They tie trailer premiers to other movies all the time in an effort to grab some ticket sales to people who are excited to see a new trailer, but if someone goes in with a camera and films the trailer to put on YouTube than people don't need to buy a ticket to see the trailer early.
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On a side note, I've always thought that trailers in theaters that precede an R rated movie should be allowed to have R rated elements (swearing, nudity, etc.)
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