Cat Sends Man to Psych Ward

After finding Chris Muth of Brooklyn barricaded in a neighbor's apartment, police took him to a psych ward, where he was confined for six days.
He has the “bizarre delusion [that he] was trying to ‘save’ a cat of his friend,” medical records show.

This story was bizarre, but the “delusion” was actually quite real.

The friend's cat Rumi had fallen 30 feet down a hole in the bathroom of his third-floor apartment and was trapped for 15 days!
It proved easier for Muth to earn his freedom than Rumi, who was still trapped in the duct when Muth was released six days later.

According to animal rescue experts, Rumi’s confinement proved to be one of the field’s greatest riddles.

“This was a very difficult cat rescue because there was no way to maneuver,” said Mike Pastore, director of field operations for the Center for Animal Care and Control. “There was no way to reach the cat and because of the length of time, I was getting worried that the cat would pass away.”

The story has a happy ending, as authorities advised Muth and the cat's owner to stop feeding him so he would be hungry enough to walk into a lasso and be pulled out. Link -via Fark

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In NYC, 311 is a non-emergency emergency number. Basically, it's like 911 for situations where an immediate response is not required (i.e. a murder or assault happening would require an immediate response, while a trapped cat or losing your wallet would not.)
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that's nothing, have you heard about non violent citizens being thrown into jail with violent rapists and murderers ready to rape them after they were convicted for owning, using, or growing cannabis? sounds crazy, I know, I mean it's just a plant!
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