Buildings in Motion

Buildings aren't supposed to move, but these 12 did! When there is a "good enough" reason to put tons of construction on wheels (or some other method), there are engineers to rise to occasion. Web Urbanist has stories and videos. Link -via Digg

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My dad sent me an article a couple weeks ago about the town of Akron, OH moving the house my ancestors grew up in! ... I think it was the house my grandmother grew up in, but don't quote me. Regardless, a pretty neat feat!

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Those pictures were taken right down the street from me. If anyone has the money to move buildings around it's Harvard. When I lived in Orlando they were extending the East/West Expressway and they had to move a bunch of houses out of the way. People got so tired of being late to work because they were stuck behind a house that they made new laws that said you could only move buildings during certain times of the day. It certainly is an impressive sight no matter how slowly they do it.
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i think they should do this more often instead of tearing down good buildings. They tore down the Wheel Inn (home of the goober burger) to put in turn lane. That place was a Missouri classic and is now gone forever.
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