Working Through His List

Brett made a list of 50 things he wanted to do, and said he wouldn't go home until he accomplished all of them. Here are just the first ten:
Tube down a river
* Ride a horse through a covered bridge
* Sleep in a lighthouse
Learn survival skills
Enter a hot dog eating contest
Walk to the top of the Empire State Building
See a live taping of The Colbert Report
See a game at Fenway Park
Milk a cow on an Amish farm
Wade through a cranberry bog

* Not accomplished yet.

A year later, only eight of the items remain to be done! Each accomplishment is documented at Amtrekker. Link -Thanks, Jen!

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Sorry, you haven't changed my opinion, despite your generous use of the word "fuck".

Looks like this guy was told all his life that he was special and unique. Then he got a job where he discovered there are millions of dweebs just like him, and he had a crisis. "I know what I'll do," he said, I'll travel across country doing (insert wonderfully unique activity here), and I will tell the whole Internet about it. Then I'll be fulfilled!"

I just don't care if this guy wades through a cranberry marsh or not. Now, eating a whole pig - that sounds cool.
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I think it's a very cool idea. More power to him. How many of you would love to do what he's doing (maybe not the same list but using your own list). He's also willing to put it all out there by blogging his life and revealing everything to the world so that others sitting at their computers can critique him. Keep it up Brett you're an inspiration to many of us.
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Wow, you people are nothing but a bunch of surly, pedantic snobs. So what if he isn't saving babies and kitties from trees on his travels, you want to do that? Go fucking do it yourself and stop fucking complaining when someone else doesn't. As someone who has gotten to know him over the past little while, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Brett is a very genuine person and isn't trying to impress anyone, this whole thing started for him as a means of letting his family know what he was up to. Stop looking for angles in everything and just enjoy the ride. Apply this idea to life and who knows, maybe you wouldn't be so bitter and suspicious of everything and everyone around you.

As for Brett not learning anything from his trip, he has in fact learned much. Just because you aren't breastfeeding starving orphans in Laos, doesn't mean you're not learning more about your fellow man (or woman, if you want to be pedantic and PC about it, as you silly fucks seem to be).

In conclusion, rather than brushing him off as an attention whore, as you seem to be doing, why not try actually PAYING ATTENTION TO THE SHOW. AND, why not drop him a line or actually get to know him before you make such baseless accusations. He's a friendly guy and would likely forgive your asinine behaviour if you took even a small bit of time to speak to him.
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Je Chu made a list of 50 things he wanted to do, and said he wouldn’t lose hope until he accomplished all of them. Here are just the first ten:

Clean clothes for one week
* Fresh and clean drinking water
* Own a house
Learn survival skills
Enter a soup line
Walk to the front of the chow line before anyone else
Eat a whole pig
Eat a whole chicken
Wear a suit (found by chance in a garbage dump)

* Not accomplished yet.

Je Chu is one of millions of people who will never experience what the typical American "living wage" worker experiences. Maybe, just maybe, if more people would think of the poor in other countries, instead of the so-called poor in their own country, contribute their lives in volunteering or otherwise working directly with the really poor people of the world who truly appreciate help and aren't out to f*** you, maybe these deprived individuals who think only of themselves and THEIR goals, not naming anyone in particular here or the gentleman in the article here, maybe they would really accomplish something greater than the fleeting feel good desires, maybe they would become someone better who wouldn't cling to the need of trivial flights of fancy.
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