Giant sized calamari rings

The recent public dissection of a giant squid in Melbourne this week has helped to uncover some mysteries  of these elusive creatures of the deep and raised further questions, including how best to prepare enormous edible hullahoops and what is the preferred dressing - tartare or thousand island?

Link with streaming video at the Melbourne Museum

Are you kidding? A nice and simple herb-spiced tomato sauce, somewhere around the range of the beginning of a marinara sauce. That's the only acceptable calamari sauce.

Thanks for the cravings. Now I'm hungry ;)
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Tartar is the sauce. Tartare is minced raw steak. ;-)

And tartar and thousand island are for the kiddie table. Give me a good, rich, robust marinara sauce. Or a nice, tangy cocktail sauce with a good dose of hot horseradish. Yummmmmmmm...

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@ TwoDragons

OMG. Thanks for the awesome salivating inducing imagery! All I had for dinner was a PB&J sandwich. Ahhhh...need calamari with sauces. O_o
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Apologies, this post should have come with a warning- may cause hunger.

Oh yeah, the tomato sauce is a perfect choice- with the rest of the fisherman's basket/fish n' chips you could also go a lemon wedge with a good sprinkling of salt! Yum!

Also, thanks for the grammar heads up TwoDragons but it is accepted as either tartar or tartare sauce, just depends which side of the world you inhabit, or whether you're referring to the tartaric acid building up on your dental work after consuming calamari rings!

Be well!
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Sorry to be a downer, but giant squid probably don't make good eating. Given the depth and pressure these buggers live, they can't keep air bladders to maintain their depth, instead, they're got large quantities of ammonium (think wee) in their bodies. Ammonium, being less dense than the surrounding seawater allows them to be neutrally buoyant.

If someone knows a way of getting that out of them, then hell, I'm there with plain ol' lemon juice.
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It is my understanding that Giant Squid are not edible Due to the amount of ammonia in their flesh.
All squid produce it and the cleaning process to rid it from the flesh is hard enough for noemal sized squid.
And Adam Shithope, look it up before you call "BS".
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regardless of the sauce, I can not think of a bertter place to land the squid.

Melbourne has the best restaurant and general food culture in the world.

And if it is going to be squid then no place better than the second largest greek city in the world.
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Sorry about the hunger pangs, y'all! Trust me, I'm five months pregnant and my appetite is virtually bottomless, to say the least of the almost psychoses-inducing cravings I've been dealing with! I'm heroically resisting the urge to grab my husband by the short hairs and drag him to the nearest Italian restaurant for several platters of battered squid!

(...and that would be after happily downing a kiddie-pool full of tzatziki for appetizers, tossing in several dozen toasted ravioli, and then it's off to the vat of chicken ramen with cream cheese diced up in it. Then polish it all off with a boatload of mocha ice cream with dark chocolate sauce...and a few bites of watermelon.)

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