Fossilized Track Suggests Dinosaurs Can Swim!

Last year, paleontologist Loic Costeur and colleagues discovered a strange set of fossilized footprints that suggest that dinosaurs can swim:

The underwater trackway, which is well-preserved in sandstone, is made up of 12 consecutive prints each consisting of two to three scratch marks.

"The footprints are really peculiar in their shape and morphology - they are not at all like walking footprints," Dr Costeur told the BBC News website. "In walking footprints, you can recognise the shape of the foot; but here it is not at all the case: it is sets of grooves on the sediment surface. "You get the idea that the animals' body was supported by water as it was scratching the sediment."

Ripple marks around the track suggested the dinosaur was swimming against a current, attempting to keep a straight path, the team said. Further investigation of the well-preserved track revealed more about the beast's swimming style. "The dinosaur swam with alternating movements of the two hind limbs: a pelvic paddle swimming motion," said Dr Costeur.

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Clearly the tracks could not be from anything other than a dinosaur... I mean c'mon. The tracks are old and dinosaurs are old. There's no other explanation.
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I don’t understand how you could possibly believe evolution.

And I think Polx is almost grammatically correct; The title should read, "Fossilized Tracks Suggest Dinosaurs Could Swim" (no exclamation point, please). Since there are no remaining dinosaurs, no dinosaur "can" swim any longer.

Just sayin'...
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