Merged Books

What would happen if you mash up some of literature's best books? This little gem called "Merged Books" featured at Miss Cellania, for example:

"Machiavelli's The Little Prince" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery's classic children's tale as presented by Machiavelli. The whimsy of human nature is embodied in many delightful and intriguing characters, all of whom are executed.

"Where's Walden?"- Alas, the challenge of locating Henry David Thoreau in each richly-detaile d drawing loses its appeal when it quickly becomes clear that he is always in the woods.

"Lorna Dune" - An English farmer, Paul Atreides, falls for the daughter of a notorious rival clan, the Harkonnens, and pursues a career as a giant worm jockey in order to impress her.

"The Exorstentialist" - Camus psychological thriller about a priest who casts out a demon by convincing it that there's really no purpose to what it's doing.


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All Quiet on the Separate Peace
The Great Catcher in the Gatsby
Pride and Punishment

I didn't do the reading assignments in high school, so they all kind of run together for me.
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Generation Malcolm X – A look at a society in which disillusioned teenagers in the 80’s turn to teachings of Islam in order to help them find meaning in their dropout lives.

The divine comedy of errors – Dante and Virgil descend into hell only to bump into their twins! Pandemonium ensues as the twins try to outwit the minions of purgatory and ascend in search of Beatrice.

I Love Nineteen Eighty-Four -
Stuart Macconie and Gina Yashere attempt to avoid a dystopian monolithic one-party state set on controlling the human mind through language, while guffawing at Rubik's Cubes and dayglo leg warmers.

The BFG of Madison County Romantic -
love affair between a lonely war bride and a friendly giant. Warning - contains scenes of a sexual nature, including the use of snozzcumbers.

Are You Dave Gormenghast? - Japester Dave Gorman travels the globe asking people if they're Dave Gormenghast, then climbs a tall flint tower and gets eaten by owls.
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We did a few of these over at a board I frequent.

Enjoy or endure ;-)

The unbearable lightness of Beijing: Travel Guide - Existentialist and Czech surgeon Tomaz journeys to the communist motherland in search of cheap package holidays.

Captain Beefheart’s Mandolin – A rousing account of Don Van Vliet's time in the Italian army and how he locked their marching band in a Greek bunker for a week until they’d recorded an album.

Captain Scott’s Mandolin – The real reason they left the tent on that fateful day back in 1912.

The Hitchhikers guide to the Ford Galaxy – This car could survive the destruction of planet earth – Jeremy Clarkson

Charlie and the Football Factory – Charlie’s golden ticket leads to terrace violence in this tale of hooligan culture and his rise to from humble foot soldier within the infamous Chelsea Wonka gang to one of the UK’s most wanted.

Do Androids dream of the electric kool-aid acid test? Rick Deckard pits his wits against a Ken Kesey’s dangerous LSD dropping hippy gang ‘the Merry Pranksters’ before falling in love with a beautiful replicant, Timothy Leary.

The Da Vinci Green Cross Code - Road safety for youngsters told as a series of patronising anagrams and increasingly desperate cliffhangers at the end of each page.

Slaughterhouse Famous Five have a mystery to solve – Blyton’s anti-war time travelling novel in which Billy Pilgrim and his friends try to work out why Dresden was bombed and why didn’t the all knowing Tralfamadorians warn them? So it goes…

Loneliness of the long distance kite runner – set in a Kabul borstal, this story tells the tale of Colin and the freedom he finds when allowed to run cross country, with a kite!

Cold Comfort Animal Farm – Well educated Flora returns to Starkadder farm to find a revolution has taken place, there is indeed something in the woodshed and it's communism!

A farewell to Mr Chips’ arms – a heart warming tale of soldier serving on the Italian front who escapes treason charges by swimming to England to hide under the guise of a paraplegic teacher.
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