Zing Spoon

Let’s face it, sometimes there is a need to launch your lunch or defend your dinner, and this is the perfect utensil to do it with. It’s easy to use; simply load up a particularly mushy pea or corn niblet, aim, pull back the spring-loaded handle and watch your food take flight.

http://www.spoonsisters.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=42832&Category_Code=1023000&Product_Count=37 -via Everlasting Blort

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If your dumb enough to buy these for your children, you get what you deserve. Although I can see these being used in many college frat houses. I think they rock, even as a novelty item.
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@Polx: yea word-- on both comments.

here's my stink..

1: can it actually be used as a normal utensil or does the neck wibble-wobble back and forth with no support in which to actually EAT food?

2: did someone have so much trouble flinging food from a NORMAL spoon that they needed to put a spring on it?

3: so, you give your child a spring loaded spoon after telling him/her not to fling food in the first place? i mean, assuming you're doing your job as a parent and are enforcing certain rules (table manners, for instance), I find this to be a complete contradiction.

4: what a waste of materials.. and stop playing with your food for f*ck sakes.
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