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The Subway Goddess

Subway Goddess Monserrat Maria of Santiago, Chile has been brightening the commutes of some of her fellow passengers by performing pole dances in crowded subway trains. YouTube.

I wasn't wild about the whole "sweaty near-nekkid person flouncing around in close quarters" premise in the first place, but then reading through these comments - oy vey - the thought of someone "wrapping their nethers" around a subway pole is enough to send the germophobe in me into a catatonic trance ... I would certainly be happy to be spared that "goddess'" blessing =P
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Ugh someone push her out of the subway (safely to the platform of course) at the next stop, please!

Nothing worse than women who think they're gods gift to men. *Catty meow*
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This is the kind of thing that gets a swift, slamming response from the authorities? I thought only Americans were uptight about the human form, sexuality, and strangers interacting.

Remember friends, killing is rated R (or more likely now, PG-13), while making love is rated X. Which is more offensive? Which is the better part of human nature.

Thank Gods Burning Man is only a month away!
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I can understand someone wanting to get a point through, but really, some people would hate having that forcefully being seen. I'm fine with sex porn all of that. I just would rather keep it in my home, I get sick enough of lingerie ads all over the city. FFS if I wanted to look at that stuff it's on TV all day and in so many magazines. And porn costs 1 dollar for a bargain book.. woo.. so f-cking what.
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I'd be more concerned about what germs she's picking up rather than what she's leaving behind.

Although I can imagine the conversations.

"Honest, honey, I don't know where I got that herpes. All I did was ride the subway!"
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they probably beat her and other horrible things after they arrested her... Cuz they are kinda inhumane in other countries esp in regards to stuff like that
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