What Do 12 Terabytes-Worth of Data Look Like?

In the ongoing $1 billion legal lawsuit between YouTube and Viacom, a federal judge has recently ordered Google to turn over records of all users and videos ever viewed on YouTube. Privacy concern aside, that's 12 terabytes of data.

Well, it sounds enormous ... but what exactly does 12 terabytes-worth of information look like? To help you visualize the magnitude of that volume of data, we've compiled this handy dandy chart:

12 terabytes of data are roughly equivalent to:

- 5,280,000,000 single-spaced typewritten pages
- 1, 006,633 phone books
- 19,358 regular compact discs
- 2,614.5 DVDs
- 61.4 average-sized hard disks (200 GB)
- 9.6 human brains (the capacity of a human being's functional memory is estimated to be 1.25 terabytes by futurist Raymond Kurzweil in The Singularity Is Near)
- all the data from Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope

I don't know the details of the legal order, but it seems that if information is information, then Google should just hand over the data in 5 billion sheets of single-spaced typewritten page. Comic sans font. IN CAPS!!1!


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Not to mention it depends on how you /use/ the brain for storage. I mean, why not go the whole way and use genetic storage? Estimates show that you can fit the entire library of congress onto a sperm :P
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How can people tell if 12 tb is 9.6 brains?? I dont think thats very accurate, because as we research more and more about the brain we realise that your memeory capacity keeps on getting bigger, first they thought it was 1tb, then 10tb now people say depending on how much information each brain cell holds, around
100 million megabytes (100tb) Now theyre saying 100-tb to unlimited capacity... The brain is complicated.
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