Who Played (Doctor) Who?

Doctor Who fans will get a kick out of today's Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss.
In the 45-year history of the BBC science-fiction series Doctor Who, ten different actors have played The Doctor (not counting movies, one-off charity specials, stage shows or audio dramas). Can you name all ten before time runs out?

You have three minutes. I didn't even attempt this, since I don't know the answers. You will, no doubt, do better. http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/16282

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29 seconds to get all ten for me.

If they wanted to be REALLY obscure, they could have gone with all those in the "Curse of the Fatal Death" Comic Relief story. (If I recall it was Rowan Atkinson, Joanna Lumley and Richard E Grant... Been a long time since I saw it. I think there were more.) Plus Cushing of course.
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I thought his name was Peter Davidson, not Davison...
So I missed one... but there it is on the BBC website...

Peter Davison...


Funny, they didn't have Peter (Grand Moff Tarkin) Cushing on there...
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