12 Things You May Not Know About the Nobel Prizes

Here's a list of twelve curious facts about the Nobel Prizes.  For example, however well-deserving, Mohandas Gandhi never won the Nobel Peace Prize, but the prize was once withheld for a year in his honor:
Amazingly, the person probably most likely to have deserved the Nobel Peace Prize was never awarded one. Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi, Indian leader who advocated non-violence in the struggle for Indian independence from colonial rule, never won the award. He was nominated five times, but failed each time. He was assassinated just two days before the nominations for the 1948 prize were due, which, since he was deceased, disqualified him from the nomination and, therefore, the prize.

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee considered selecting Gandhi for the award in spite of the rules, but because he left no legal heirs, they were not sure of who to award the prize to. Instead, the committee elected to withhold the award that year, stating that "there was no suitable living candidate" for the award, a clear reference to the recently-deceased Gandhi.

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The IPCC is the one who started the whole Global Warming shit and are just 1000s of more idiots. Al Gore just so happens to be one in the litter.
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The peace prize committee seems to move pretty damned fast compared to that for science. For example, John Hume and David Trimble were awarded nobel peace prizes. However peace in northern ireland hasn't yet been 100% esatablished. The prize for Watson and Crick for discovering the structure of DNA was awarded years after they'd published and put into useful practice their results.

With reference to point 9, about giving people malaria to cure syph. It should be pointed out that whilst malaria is a crippling disease, it's possible to recover from it. Syph on the other hand drives you insane and finally leaves you dead, a problem which is somewhat harder to recover from.
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gore didn't get the nobel price, the IPCC did, you imbeciles. the simple fact, that he accepted the price in their lieu didn't mean it was HIS adward.
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