Gallery of Robot Love Stories

Jenna Wortham has compiled a pretty neat gallery of 13 best robot love stories, from Wall-E to Weird Science, for Wired Magazine. Who remembers this from Blade Runner:

Bounty hunter Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) falls hard for a genetically engineered clone called Rachel in Ridley Scott's 1982 cyberpunk thriller. Although Deckard's primary mission is to assassinate rogue "replicants," he finds the charms of an experimental model (Sean Young) difficult to resist.

RoboLove Meter Reading — 5/5: Since all signs indicate that replicant assassin Deckard was likely a clone, too, Blade Runner gets points for cyborg-on-cyborg romance. - Thanks JennaW!

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I tried to watch Blade Runner a couple of times. "Pretentious" sounds about right.

What about Sean Connery's rape scene with James Bond and Pussy Galore?

Those were different times in the movies.
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I watched Blade Runner for the first time in about 15 years the other day and one thing struck me.

The scene with Deckard and Rachel and he's telling her to say "kiss me" and "put your hands on me" and he's handling her roughly etc... My first thought was "This is a bloody rape scene!"

Easily the most pretentious, overrated sci-fi movie ever made.
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replicants are synthetic "humans" -- virtually indistinguishable from "natural" humans. cyborgs are a meld between human and machines -- like the flesh and blood layer over the mechanical skeleton in the terminator series.
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