From Cradle to Grave: The Story of Life, Told with Beds

This is the story of birth, life, and death ... told with (unusual) beds!

Cribs and Cradles

Make sure your baby gets the right start with this $15,000 carriage crib!

... or if that's too rich for you, how about these round cribs from Petit Trésor? At less than one-tenth the price, they're a bargain!

But if you're a bad baby, here's the crib for you, an installation piece called Mama Tried by Jack Daws:

Kid's Beds

What? A regular bed for Daddy's little girl? Never! Not when you can have this $47,000 Cinderella pumpkin-shaped carriage bed from Posh Tots:

... or for the boys, how about a pirate ship bed from V.I.P. Kids? Just £3750.00 ...

Beds for the Young Adults

Enough about kids' beds, here are some fantastic beds I wouldn't mind owning ... Of course when you're a young adult and single, this bed by Dominic Wilcox is really all you need ...

Dominic Wilcox's Bed (1999)

Or if you're too busy working on your career, here's a computer desk / bed combo for you:

The Computer Bed by FlyingBeds - via Freshome (many more modern beds there)

With sky-high housing prices, a lot of young people start out having roommates. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style, here are a couple of beds that fit this particular stage in your life:

DocXL, Sofa/Bunk Bed combo

The mattresses are on teak platforms suspended by heavy ropes.
Photo: Jean Allsopp for Coastal Living - via Curbly

Beds for the Young and Restless

And now, a bed for the, um, romantic period of your adult life ...

The Home vs. Visitor Bed

Springy bed made with recycled suspension springs.
Very comfy (erhm, for sleeping of course, what were you thinking?)

Bed for Couples

Then onto having your own place, and perhaps a significant other and a more mature taste ...

The Tree Bed by Shawn Lovell Metalworks

Cloud bed by Courtney Skott

Floating Bed

After a while, you've started to build some assets ... and along with money comes paranoia (or is it just prudence?) So here's the perfect bed/tank combo:

Quantum Sleeper

... and after a while, comfort is all that matters, so here's an electric adjustable bed from Relax The Back (I so want this, but my wife vetoed this idea because she knows that I'll just make it go up and down while she's trying to sleep ... She's a smart woman!)

The Last Bed

Photo: Claudecf [Flickr]

The tomb of Charles Pigeon, the inventor of a non-exploding gas lamp (I suppose that's very important), in Cimetière de Montparnasse, signifies eternal rest for him and his wife.

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screw givin the pirate ship bed to the kids... i am guna build it for me and my wife!!... the kids are geting a crib/castle to start... and can choose whats next when the gargling from their pie hole becomes logic.....

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JAKE DAWS u must have one of V most disgusting minds if u think keeping a child in a bed with electrical barbed wire surrounds it would make them good how can u think of that things!!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE 2 THE HUMAN RACE
the princess and pirate beds are cute and if i won the lottery i would buy them 4 my future son and daughter if i had room 4 them
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Hey Alex, The bed you want at Relax The Back comes in two seperate, extra long twins that attach and become a queen sized single bed. The good part is that each person has control over their half so you can minipulate your side and not disturb your wife. Perfect solution.
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