Man Stuffed 13 People Into His Volvo

With sky-high gas prices, we're all for carpooling but Abraham Gniwosch of Tottenham, London, took the concept to its extreme: he stuffed 13 people (mostly kids) in a Volvo stationwagon!

In the back there were two women with infants on their laps, the other six passengers, all young children were either sitting or standing in the centre section of the back seat. None of the passengers was wearing a seatbelt.

The defendant denied his action was dangerous saying he had been driving sensibly at no more than 20 mph. "I'm not a quick driver, I'm a slow driver," he said. "I've been silly in what I've done, but not dangerous."

Link (with video re-creation of the feat) - via metafilter, thanks Paul Cooper!

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With that much weight he'd still be wasting fuel.

And it drives me crazy when people are like, "Oh, I know it's dangerous but I'm a good driver." Even if that's true, you're not the only person on the road! Someone could easily hit you from any side and your unseatbelted kid is going to go flying and die on impact just because you didn't bother to obey the law.
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I remember Evan Dorkin, the NYC cartoonist telling me that Hassidic Jews were the worst drivers ever.

Evan is Jewish so I hardly think this is anti semitism.

He said that anyone that confident that god was on there side was a bad propsition behind the wheel
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If someone wants to jam into a car with 12 other people, that's his/her own da-n choice. The fine and extended driving test are a well-deserved slap on the wrist. Did the occupants get fined too? They certainly weren't forced to ride along. And am I the only one who thinks there's something funny about overloading a station wagon that much?

What bugs me the most is that this addiction to safety (much like the fear of germs) is ruining the free world. Yep, you're free to do as you want... just make sure you buckle up, wear a helmet, kneepads, always go the speed limit, take all liquids out of your carry-on, do not tell any tasteless jokes, do not offend anyone, do not jaywalk, do not pass go, do not collect $200...

Also, ".. a REAL volvo driver" ?? ah hahaha.. you are defined by the car you drive, eh? A real Toyota driver wants to know.
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