Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie

Here's a little cooking secret for ya: everything's better with bacon. Everything. Including chocolate chip cookies!

Ooh, You Tasty Little Things blog has the recipe on how to make your own bacon chocolate chip cookies with maple cinnamon glaze. How to de-clog your arteries guide not included.

Sure, that was a good salad, but it would have been so much better with bacon. That was a delicious baked potato.. I wish it had some bacon on it. You know what was missing from breakfast this morning?- bacon. I think we've come up with so many foods which bacon can enhance, that we really were wondering what foods it wouldn't. [...]

Then we started talking about what bacon has successfully been added to, and the thought of the maple bacon bar donut at Voodoo donut back home, and Vosages bacon chocolate bar made me wonder..

Could I make a cookie with bacon? How about a chocolate chip cookie?

My husband cringed. He asked me to make a small batch, just in case. He's a big fan of standard chocolate chip cookies, so to see a whole batch go to waste if the bacon addition didn't work, I think it might have made him cry.

But I had to do it. The bacon and chocolate chip cookie had to be made.

Link - Thanks Geekazoic!

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