Motoring Across the USA on a Vespa

Neatorama reader Ned Schwartz's friend Eric is going on an epic quest of blogging his way across the country ... on a Vespa GTS250 scooter!

Eric calls this project scoot66 (because of his fondness of Route 66 and because he wants to complete the 10,000 mile journey in 66 days). Oh, and he'll be mostly camping rather than staying in hotels/motels.

Check out Eric's progress here (he's at day 52): Link - Thanks Ned!

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Oh, I will one up this douchebag. I will drive my gas guzzling car around on a 10,000 mile trip because I can. I will learn nothing from it, it will not be some magical life changing experience. If it makes you feel better, the money, time and milage is at my expense. Moron.
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Hey Ned, before start your journey, try to read books by Giorgio Bettinelli. He traveled around the World with his Vespa Px. Lights up and good luck! :)
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Really, Ned, what's so outstanding about it?
People go across the country all the time. People go around the world in crazier contraptions. We just saw a post about a guy who does a silly jig all over the world.

Around the World in 80 Days was outstanding when it was written because it was a new concept. Travelling across the USA on a Vespa? Maybe it would have been a novelty a couple of decades ago. The journey is fascinating to him, I'm sure - he may learn some valuable life lessons. But the excitement pales in comparison to the guy who dances the silly jig all over the world. Or to the guy who took the pictures of all the giant sculptures of things while driving across the USA.

"But he went across the country in 66 days on a Vespa! It's an outstanding achievement!"

Sounds more like an extended vacation.
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As a long-time and true friend of Eric's I am bound to defend him:

"A.J."- don't worry... things will look up. I'm sure that one day soon you'll accomplish something nearly as outstanding as Eric and you won't have to make disparaging comments about people you don't know to make you feel better about yourself.

ted- if you truly don't care and feel passionate enough to post on it, why don't you start your own blog or website and showcase all the things you feel ambivalent about. It may end up being as interesting as neatorama!

AM- you misspelled awesome.
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