The Kingdom of Women

The Mosuo culture of the Hunan and Sichuan provinces in southwestern China is a matriarchal society, with women calling the shots. In this video report from National Geographic, one woman explains why she doesn’t want to marry. She is still in a passionate relationship with her child’s father after eight years because she doesn’t have to live with him or deal with in-laws. Makes sense to me. Link

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oh really? you're all the fuc.king same to me. self-righteous c0ck, who's blind to your own hypocrisy because you're a douchebag on a soap box with a stick shoved up your anus.
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@ Hmm:

I'm not from "Amerikkka", asshat. And even if I was... does that mean I can't have an opinion or make an observation?

I do find it amazing that a country that values women so little (just look at all the little girls put into orphanages there) would have a little pocket of matriarchal culture. I think it's neat... but I do fear for its future in today's largely patriarchal society.
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"..It’s amazing that a matriarchal culture like this is found in China, of all places!"

Oh yeah, like a moron from patriarchal white male Amerikkka should talk.
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So that's what was written on my heart. Damn teenagers!

Sinning makes sense all the time. That's what makes it so attractive.

What doesn't make sense is people who use the word "fornicating" thinking that people will actually take them seriously.
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"The Kingdom of Women"

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