UFOs in Texas: Aliens May Just Be Looking For Milk

Something strange is happening in the skies over a small Texas town - and with so many people as witnesses, it's hard to dismiss it as simply a hoax: Stephenville, Texas, may have just seen UFOs!

They first saw a set of brilliant white lights heading from the east that looked like they were at the corners of something a mile long and a half-mile wide. The lights were quicker and quieter than anything Allen had ever seen.

"They came within a mile of us," said Allen, the owner of L&S Enterprises and Texas Freight, a local trucking company. "It flipped us all out."

The lights headed toward Stephenville, where they came to a stop. They reconfigured to form an arch "shaped like the top of a football," Allen said, and realigned into two vertical lines of randomly flashing lights. Then the object burst into a dirty white flame.

"It looked like something firing up, like a blowtorch," Allen said. "It simply vanished."

Ten minutes later, the group saw the lights coming from the opposite direction. Trailing them closely, Allen was certain, were two military jets, followed by two massive red orbs.

Soon after, the sleepy town found that it's the new darling of the media. Scores of reporters descended to interview people, ... and what followed may be weirder than the actual sightings:

A Japanese film crew showed up and theorized that the UFO was related to the local dairy farms, Allen said. Aliens like milk, they told him.

The town was swept into a UFO maelstrom. People sported aluminum foil alien hats at Stephenville High School basketball games. Men with belt buckles big as fists were wearing "Alien Capital of the World" T-shirts rushed into production by a local company.

The high school science club decided to capitalize on the events by selling its own T-shirts that said: "Erath County -- the New Roswell," referring to the UFO mecca in New Mexico. The shirts carried a picture of a cow being beamed up to a spaceship with the caption: "They came for the milk."

Milk: it does (an alien) body good! Denise Gellene of the Los Angeles Times has the story: Link

(Photo: Courtney Perry / LA Times)

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Hmmm. What makes you think UFO's are looking for milk as it's about the same price as a gallon of gas.When i was a child I just liked sucking on the nipple............
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No UFO report is more convincing than the Rendlesham Forest report from the UK where many air force and military personnel saw UFOs on two different night. The guy in charge of the base, who happens to be the guy with his finger on the nuke button, investigated and saw the UFOs as well, which makes this very credible to me. If you are interested, just google and you'll find some documentaries on the incident.
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