Totlol: The Online Video Website for Kids

Ron of wrote to us about his new website, a community-moderated video website for toddlers and little kids (all the content on the site is submitted and screened by parents).

This one to the left is Crazy Worm, which is fun for all ages!

I think my little Maddy is going to like this website!

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My kid got sent inappropriate email from this site!

After a couple months on TOTLOL somebody spammed my kid with an inappropriate email (I think all the kids on the site got the spam) and after I complained and asked the owner to shut off his account the owner never turned off his account. The account is still there today! Just go and look for yourself, there is no way to delete an account once it's created. This has got to violate a bunch of U.S. laws, but since the guy is based in Canada he gets away with it.

If you want your kid to get inappropriate email, go ahead and use the site. But just be aware that you can never turn it off. My fear is that they will always have your kid's email address and they will always have access to your kid. Creepy.
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i think this is a terrible idea.. first of all, it isn't recommended to allow your children to get used to watching videos/TV until the age of 6 because there are so many images presented at such a fast pace--they absorb all of it and pine for more at a VERY young age. second, aren't we trying to PREVENT children from having ADD/ADHD later on? though i don't think ADD/ADHD are legitimate disabilities, they are completely preventable. teach your kids to play, read, learn, experiment.. don't just stick them in front of the TV/computer screen because it's easy.. think about how these images influence them and realize THIS is what they believe to be entertainment. at least allow them to learn how to entertain themselves before you shove them in front of an inanimate object for the rest of their lives.

wanna keep showing your kids this stuff? be prepared for a life full of riddilin and psychiatrists telling you there's something "wrong" with your child. be prepared for lots of arguing when you tell your kids to go outside because they'll claim there's "nothing to do" out there. and then don't be surprised when they have trouble making friends/finding love because they didn't go out and socialize. go ahead-- put them in front of the computer. they don't know what "reality" is anway, and you're allowing them to stay in the dark. makes me fear for future generations.
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Great website, thanks from my kids Alex!

It also made me discover (whose Rachel Coleman has been nominated for the "Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series" Emmy award. Great website.

@Shea : Youtube filtered by an adult can be a different and complementary way to open kids eyes to the world. Planes, trucks, animals, musical instruments, etc. I play a game where I ask "what do you want to see?" and we start from there. The control in duration and quality makes it different from your average brainwashing Tv kid show...
I also read to them every night ;)
(and I agree -even if I don't care, I'm French ;) - that Youtube is becoming boobtube)
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Not so good. Why add more glut to the heaving hoard of boobtube boobs? There's a reason TV viewing is not recommended for the 0-5 set. Don't think this doesn't apply to this because it's flashed-based. If you have the time to sit down and surf the web with your kids, you almost certainly have the time to read to them.
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