Anger Release Machine Smashes Fine China For You

In this art piece, artists Katja Kublitz and Ronnie Yarisal created a vending "Anger Release" machine where you plunk in some change, select the fine china you'd want destroyed and watch the object fall and shatter into a million little pieces. Now there, don't you feel better?

Link | YarisalKublitz website [Flash] - via Engadget, thanks Simon Bastien!

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The act of throwing the item is as much part of the satisfaction of breaking stuff as the noise and mess; this machine would would leave my anger unfulfilled.
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Sounds fun. When I worked in restaurant/bar, we separated out the glass beer and liquor bottles for recycling, and it was always a little spirit lifter if you were having a hard shift to go crash a bottle into the recycling bin. The crash,and the feel of being allowed to shatter it, was oddly soothing.

Also, when my life used to be way too stressfull, I would buy old dishes at charity shops and throw them against the brick and concrete walls on the the back of my house. It was theraputic, and by using charity shop dishes, they were cheap, the charity got the money, and they were already cast offs, so I didn't feel bad about breaking them like I would if I'd used new dishes. Busting those old mismatched cups and plates probably saved my sanity at the time.
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this is hilarious...

and at the same time, just more of a waste of materials and $ for we humans to make fun for ourselves.. yay breaking things!

they should have a wall-punching simulator next to the vending machine for that hulk moment when the china doesn't break.
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