Brave Traffic Warden Tickets a Police Car

Ever seen a police car parked illegally? Well, no one is above the law according to this brave traffic warden in Liverpool, England:

With no thought for his own future safety, the attendant leapt into action to make his move on the vehicle.

After noting down the offence, he boldly slapped the penalty charge notice on the windscreen before making a calm getaway, showing that not even the long arm of the law is safe from the scourge of the hawk-eyed wardens.


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Oh yes, and while hes at it, put tickets on Fire engines, ambulances, hearses, doctors and midwives cars. Traffic Wardens?. The day they do something useful, Alex Ferguson will become a nun.
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i've totally seen cops violate the law in plain sight before. it's completely ridiculous and entirely hypocritical. i've seen them speed, i've seen them (on numerous counts) turn on their lights/sirens just to go through red lights, i've seen them double parked, i've seen them stand on the side of the highway POINTING at people to pull over for speeding, i've seen them (also on numerous accounts) pull people over in their unassigned district, i've seen them re-route traffic because they couldn't pull the back end of their vehicle that much further off the road.. it's an endless list and completely intolerable. and they get away with busting people after searching their cars without probable cause, just to meet their quotas and get a hiney slap from their compadres back at the precinct.
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We used to have a lot of trouble in Hounslow, West London with the dibbles pavement parking outside their station. I worked next door and got so fed up with it I had a word with one of the senior cops who promised he'd peer out of the window from time to time and shout at whoever did it.

Worked, too!
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