10 Stupid Tattoos

Before you get that trendy tattoo, read this article by Johnny Wright over at our pal YesButNoButYes blog:

With other fads, you can participate and not make it a lifetime commitment. You can take the double hoop earrings out pretend it never happened. (If you still have those, you need to take them out.) You can shave off your side-spike. You can take off your parachute pants. It's a little more of a chore to remove your Dane Cook "Su-Fi" tattoo.

For example:

4. The Neck Tattoo - This one seems to be growing in popularity. Hardly a day goes by when I don't see a child's name in fancy cursive tatted on a straphanger's neck while riding the 1 train. It's not a good idea unless you are a musician or professional athlete. You are essentially cashing in your respect in society with the neck tat. If you're going in for a job interview and you have a skull and crossbones tattoo peeking out from your shirt collar, I'm willing to wager you're not getting the gig.

Here's the top 10 Most Stupid Tattoos: Link - via Miss Cellania

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The guy who had ''EAT SHIT'' on his forehead is here :

He is still alive as far as I know and is normally begging on the streets, he used to knock about with spider kev, bonner, belsen, all the facial tattooed thugs.
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Tattoos are stupid. I have never admired anyone who has them. I can't think of one decent person who has them, but I can think of dozens and dozens of douchebags that do. Therefore, I avoid them and people with them.
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I am an artist, I value and admire it. But it is art and lies in the eye of the beholder. we will all see different things and may or may not agree or like the same thing as someone else. I have a passion, i love to paint, sketch, sculpt, and yes i do even tattoo's and have quiet a few. I don't care what someone thinks about it, unless it is positive. I realize there are so many closed minded people, who will miss out on the simple joys in life, and people and relationships, and could haves. There stern belief that "that is dumb" only stops them from looking at the beauty of it. To me the do feel, at least feel that emotion of the eye, that connection and understanding that art how good or bad can draw people in. I don't think anyone should be judged, you don't know them. What if there wife died, children moved away, there on the verge of killing them selfs. Maybe that is why they need a bath, alcoholic, ass hole you just met. Maybe, just maybe you have to walk in there shoes before you opinions fall from your lips, and not knowing or maybe even if you know creating once again a judgmental ass that you become. I only hope that no one does that to you.
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Let's be honest and scrap away the fake. Tatoos are extremly cool on Rock Stars, an Actor\Actress, and magicians. The more crazy they are the better their career. If your some weak smuck who thinks "look at me, I 'm different" it's a shame. I do agree with the stats and ask anyone who is above 35 with a real job in corporate america will tell you it's something they have to hide. What is the purpose of getting a tatoo if you have to hide it? People who get tat's are generally lower class and there is nothing wrong with that if that's what makes them happy. I would personally aspire to bigger and better things and unfortunatly (although a stereo type) folks with Tat's are deeemd either a stripper, whore or bad person in general per society's standards. I don't agree with the stereo type, but it's been there for a 100 years. Make a choice, self defeating permanent tat's are generally not wise. 5 of the 10% of the tat generation has a crimimal record so I guess that is where the prejudice comes from. if you are a rock star etc.. do it! more power to yah, but if not you might be better wearing a trench coat with pink hair to get your "look at me I a special fix"
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