Is Giraffe Kosher?

If you've ever wondered, the rabinnical authorities in Israel have just ruled that giraffe is actually kosher to eat:

The giraffe belongs to the family of grazing animals that have cloven hooves and chew the cud, thereby making them consistent with kosher rules, but the milk test was the final confirmation.

"Indeed, the giraffe is kosher for eating," Rabbi Shlomo Mahfoud, who accompanied the researchers in their work, said.

"The giraffe has all the signs of a ritually pure animal, and the milk that forms curds strengthened that."


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Leviticus 11 lists the dietary stipulations in the Bible. The Bible is talking about what is clean and unclean according to the law of Moses. "The Law" has to do with redemtion, but Jesus redeemed us all. Even though most Christians do not follow the dietary requirements of Leviticus, it doesn't mean that animals on the, "don't eat list" were meant to be food. Pigs, catfish, lobster, crabs, shellfish are the "garbage" collectors of the planet and were not created to be food for people.
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I herby declare all jews fit to eat. Although they will probably make you sick and over-weight. So how's that jewish people? Not so cool when it's turned around on you is it? Kosher is a scam!!!
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